Posted by: Duncan Chowdhury | February 27, 2008

Stealing Childhood

My daughter is a First Grader. I sometimes get much annoyed with the volume of her books and note books, she requires to take to her school everyday. First of all the weight of her school bag becomes pretty heavy for her to carry, I really feel pity for her. She has to follow her class routine and take only the books and copies which will be taught on the day, still all these books for the day are too much for her to carry on her back. I remember my days as a first grader, we didn’t have so much books as today our children do have, nor did we had to maintain any daily routine, I myself tucked all the books and copies in my school box, (I carried a leather box to school) without the help of my parents even.

I think that now a days we are taking away the childhood of our children, they have so much to study, several hours after coming from school, that they hardly have time for themselves to play or do anything at their will. They also have to spend much time in co curricular activities like, music class, drawing class etc, at weekends. They have to follow rigid time schedule in their every day life. I wonder what will happen when my child has to go to private tutors in later years of schooling, she will hardly get any time.

In this age of competition, our children have to learn more and more just to stay in competition and pass in the exams. They have less time for creativeness, they are growing amidst haste, no time to enjoy the innocent childhood.


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