Posted by: Duncan Chowdhury | March 18, 2008

Proselytizing In An Improper Manner

Proselytizing should be main objectives of Missionary Churches. Spreading the Good News more accurately the Gospel is the responsibility of a Christian.  A lot of Churches are involved aggressively in spreading the Gospel with an ultimate goal to win souls and convert them towards Christianity. I do not find any problem with his and also do appreciate it very much though I myself had proved to be very unproductive in this issue. I agree with conversion as long as the convert himself/herself accepts Christ with his open heart, not under any sort of compulsion.

However, sometimes things are quite different in his matter, when it is practiced. Different Churches focus on various groups of people, especially targeting the ethnic groups. However the most interesting is that one of the groups are emphasizing on the Islamic Society. As a camouflage, they give an Islamic name of their group, circulate track and bible in a language with Islamic or Arabic terminology. Like, the never use the word Jesus Christ, instead they use “Isa-e-Islam”, Arabic name of Jesus Christ as indicated in the Koran. Even they do not use the name Bible, instead “Injil Sharif” the Bible as depicted in Koran. They do not hold Sunday Mass, but on Fridays, as the Muslims have their weekly prayer on Fridays. Even while christening they give Islamic names to the new converts or maintain their Islamic names.

Through these fraudulent means, (sorry to say such) they try to attract the Muslims, trying to convert them to Christianity, giving them a false notion that Christianity is a sect of Islam or something near to it.

Is this not an act of fraudulence, is this mean of conversion into Christianity is at all acceptable. I do not subscribe to such acts nor do I accept these hypocrisies. What do the people of other faith think of us, when they find out these means of conversion.


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