Posted by: Duncan Chowdhury | February 16, 2009

Birds Falling Prey To Traps

It is a story published recently in a news daily, about 10 birds on an average is killed each day in an orchard in Rajshahi. People put nets around the fruit trees to prevent birds to eat away fruits from the trees and birds get entangled in the nets and get killed. However, it was also in the news that the owners of the orchards are taking measures to prevent killing of birds, by freeing them as soon as they get entangled. I appreciate very much and commend the daily for allowing space for a such news along with a colored picture. I hope this will help people to become aware for the preservation of the bird species in our country and save us from impending ecological disaster. Death of birds making news is something new in our culture, people still have hobby of killing birds with air guns. A few days ago, I too was surprised to see an airgun in one of my relatives house, when inquired, he told me about his passion of killing birds in the winter season in the villages, but now it has become difficult for him to hunt, because hunting birds is opposed by the villagers now-a-days and they sometimes abuse the hunters, so he sadly said about abandoning the hunting game. This delighted me, our people are getting more conscious about the preservation of the ecology. Now let me say about the migratory birds being sold in the cities like Dhaka by the hawkers, stories are often published in the dailies. We too, need to register our concern and prevention of sales of these birds, signs are there, selling such birds are reducing each year. Can we dream of a place where our whole country shall be a bird sanctuary. We shall go to bed and rise with the chirping of birds as D.L. Roy has rightly pointed out in most famous song, ‘taraa phakhir dake ghumea pora, phakhir jage’.


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