Posted by: Duncan Chowdhury | March 10, 2009

Global Warming and Bangalore

Global warming is now a more talked about topic. Our planet is getting warmer and warmer each day. The ice in the poles is melting. The seawater is rising and gradually a lot of countries in the world, those are just above sea level like Maldives and a large coastal areas of Bangladesh will submerge within the next 50 years. This is a matter of concern, if we are not careful about our carbon emissions today, then this is the reality that shall take place more early, that’s for sure.


I am so much concerned about the global warming because, I do have experienced positively about the issue of global warming. The world is getting warmer and warmer. The city of Bangalore in India is a burning example of this. I happened to stay in Bangalore for some months in the year 1989 and then again for several months in 1991.  Bangalore was called the Garden City of India, I believe that it is still called the Garden City, but the charm of the city has vanished within these days. In those days and before, the city was absolutely green, gardens in every nook and corner, the streets were under the shade of large trees. Flowers bloom all year round, literally it was a picturesque city of garden. The weather of Bangalore was really cool, more or less, all year round. The temperature was all was below 18 degrees Celsius, in the afternoons even, at night it was chillier. We required blankets. People never used fans or air conditioners in their homes or offices.


Now after about 20 years the scenario has changed completely. I have visited Bangalore several times in between. The huge trees which used be as umbrellas over the streets have vanished. More destructions have taken place in the name of development. Massive development has taken place in and around Bangalore. The city has been transformed into concrete jungle, though it has now rewarded with a the new name, the IT Capital of India, while the name of  City of Garden has been blurred in the shadows of the concrete jungle. The weather of Bangalore too have changed, the temperature often touches 30 degree Celsius and each house is adorned with at least fans and the affluent do not compromise the beauty of their dwellings or offices with ceiling fans, but with air conditioners. 


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