Posted by: Duncan Chowdhury | May 11, 2010

MPO List Draws Flak

The headlines of most of the dailies today were governed by the news about the decision of the cabinet meeting to review the list of the recently declared 1022 Educational Institutions under the MPO.

Under the scheme the Government subsidies partial and full salaries of the teachers of non government schools. The matter of reviewing the list was kept in abeyance for several years, until last week a fresh list of 1022 institutions were made.

The ministers were outraged with the list of the institutions, their allegations were that the list didn’t contain much of their recommended institutions, whereas a lot of institutions were enlisted which were recommended by the opposition MPs.

The Education Minister defended that the list was made, by abiding strictly the policies laid down. However, it was decided that the list would reviewed within the next 3 months.

Now such a decision, evolves a lot of question of politicizing the educational institutions. The matter of good governance comes into question. The institutions should be considered not by the merit of recommendations, but by the performances it makes. Eligibility should be weighted only by merit not by who has recommended it, after all the students studying there, does not belong to any political party but to the nation. Why should be they deprived, on the plea of their respective authorities who hold different political views.


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