Posted by: Duncan Chowdhury | January 29, 2014

An Amazing Story From Latvia

It was during the late Nineties, I came across one of my overseas colleagues from Latvia, whom I met in Gothenburg, Sweden. She was in her Twenties. I had naturally an inquisitiveness to learn about her who hailed from a country completely unknown to us in this part of the world. The only thing we knew that Latvia was in Soviet Republic and became independent with the disintegration of the Soviet Union in early Nineties. 

My friend had embraced Christianity recently, her boyfriend was also a Christian whom she married. She was elaborating her experiences, how she had been introduced to Christianity. She never knew Christ before.

It was an amazing story. She narrated that during the Communist Era, she used to visit her boyfriend at his home and have supper with his family. Then she had noticed that just before having meal, her boyfriend’s family used to utter few words, often with eyes shut, thanking someone for the food which had been served on the table. This had raised substantial curiosity in her mind, but she didn’t dare to ask her boy friend about this strange ritual of her boyfriend’s family.

One day she told her mom about this strange act of his boy friend’s family and inquired whether mom had any clue about it. Her mom was not all surprised but whispered to her daughter that she will explain all to her when her father was away from home. Her father was a member of the Politburo.

Then one day when my friend’s father was away from home for some days on official business, then her mother called her and took her to the attic of their home. It was a very old trunk from where she brought out a thick fat book covered with a velvet fabric. This was a very old bible which was a prize possession of her mother, which she secretly kept and adored from her childhood, inherited from her parents.

Then my friend’s mother told her about Christianity,  God the Almighty and Jesus Christ and explained that it is a tradition that we give thanks for the blessings we have received from God the Almighty. The act of giving thanks to God before the meal is also customary for Christians.

This is how my friend became acquainted with Christianity. She found out that his boyfriend was also Christian but practiced Christianity in secret until the fall of Soviet Union. Now they are good practicing Christian and do have the right to observe all religious practices without fear and threat.


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